Autoform CC was founded in 1998 by experienced metal spinning veteran, Rolf Rohner who was previously the head of metal spinning for over 30 years at Baisch Engineering.

In 2001, qualified Industrial Engineer Stefan Osterberger joined the business, bringing additional expertise to the company.

Today, after 15 years of precision engineering to meet customer needs, the company – now solely led by Stefan Osterberger - continues to deliver top quality products to meet a wide range of specifications. The company manufactures quality products from aluminium and deep draw steel ensuring precision parts are created.


Key customers include top South African organisations from the automotive, aeronautical and military industries. Autoform CC also supplies specialised parts in bulk to the entire country’s steel industry which is used in the manufacture of all steel for the industrial sector.

Autoform CC’s production is a fully automated hydraulic spinning machine which is able to maintain high production runs with complete accuracy.

A particular benefit of automated metal spinning is that all products continually adhere to customer tolerance and specifications, ensuring total uniformity.

Commitment to excellence and service delivery

At Autoform CC, a strong quality assurance philosophy forms an integral important part of all design, manufacture and control to ensure consistent excellence. Statistical quality control is applied to control our manufacturing processes.

In addition, Autoform prides itself in ensuring realistic deadlines are timeously met.

Working together to design according to your needs

The team at Autoform CC is more than willing to work with its customers in order to meet your design needs. Autoform CC will offer a turnkey solution from initial design, through the spinning tool drawing process, including final tooling and development right through to the production of end product.